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Homework 8

Team 7 Game

The Tetrad
Story: Submarine (Sunk)
Opens on a small motorboard approaching an area of water in the middle of the ocean. Fisher equips himself with goggles and a mask. The boat driver explains that this is the spot and hands fisher a distress beacon. Fisher’s objective is to get to the submarine and retrieve the data from the central lab computer, then signal for extraction and swim back to the surface. Fisher dives and descends to the sunken sub lying on the bottom of the ocean. Once Fisher has entered the submarine, he begins removing his scuba gear. Fisher is then attacked by a savage. During the scuffle, Fisher shoots the tank and the explosion creates a hole in the submarine. As water begins to leak into the capsized sub, Fisher kills the mutant. Fisher escapes into the bridge. Bloodstained floors and walls glisten with grisly fluids. All of the bodies are gone and the power is out. Only dim backup lights remain.
As the game progresses, Fisher must survive by sneaking around the sub and making his way to the central lab computer. Along the way, Fisher obtains weapons to fight back against the enemies. Throughout the submarine, Fisher can also discover audio tapes and hidden files to unravel the mysterious events that took place on the submarine.

The technology of our game will be based in present day. Most of the technology in this game will be in the form of weapons. Military gear and weapons are the focal point of the technology in our game. However, there will also be other items related to technology such as a flashlight, and lead pipes. Here is a list of technological items that we plan on including in the game.
  • present day
  • military grade diving gear
  • Flare gun
  • Spear
  • Harpoon
  • flashlight
  • lead pipe
  • knife
  • health packs (food and water)
  • handguns
  • shotguns
  • rifles
  • scrap metal and blowtorch
    • for patching leaks
  • Computers
  • audio tapes
  • security system
  • Standard living furniture
  • digital displays on walls of submarine
We plan on the art of our game to be reality-based. We plan on researching and studying various submarine types to have a clear vision of our setting. We want the submarine to appear sleek and highly advanced. Here is a list of ideas for art with certain aspects of our game.
  • Zombies
    • dirty
    • grungy
    • bloody, gory
    • wearing work uniforms
    • varying states of deterioration
  • Submarine
    • dimly lit
    • backup power enabled
    • sleek design, high tech
    • digital displays on walls of submarine
    • living quarters
    • mess hall
    • central computer lab
    • bridge of submarine
    • Port holes
    • Bathrooms
  • Objects and Weaponry
    • realistic weaponry in good shape
Survival is a core theme of our game. The mechanics of our game will revolve around this theme. The combat will be running and hiding from an omnipresent being. This being will instantly kill the player if detected. There will also be less powerful enemies that can be killed using one of the many weapons in the game or using stealth.

  • Movement
    • walking, run, crawl, jump, swimming
  • combat
    • shooting
    • melee
    • disabling enemies
    • stealth takedowns
    • Enemies damage the player by hitting, biting
    • Main villain can instantly kill the player
    • patching leaks
    • interacting with computers
    • listening to audio tapes
  • Enemies
    • movement
      • fast, slow, crawl

Balance - the player has a weapons to combat enemies, but low health/high damage makes it a priority to either avoid combat or be prepared, balancing difficulty with preparation and/or the ability to skip combat carefully. There is an asymmetrical combat system to the over-arching that cannot be killed and constantly searches for the player. The player has the ability to slow the pursuit of the enemy with weapons or, again, use stealth to avoid confrontation.

Emergent Properties - Getting enemies, mainly an invincible one to stay within confines of the game during wandering has proven difficult and testing is continuing. Also, damage/difficulty adjusted constantly because during testing, sections are too difficult or too easy.

Interest Curves - The game encourages exploration, which increases interest through back story filled in through object encounters in the game which helps create a narrative. Should the player want, they can quickly complete the game without looking around, and in doing so, create a different, single-minded experience. The choice of combat or not creates a dynamic allowing players to do as they please per moment, not focusing on one element in particular.

Enjoyment - At this stage, enjoyment comes from creating something in unreal and it actually working correctly, but the game itself is not in a particularly enjoyable state outside of the development group. Within the group it's enjoyable to see the things we make work correctly.

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Homework 6

Halo 4

1. The Tetrad

  • The Story - In my opinion, Halo 4 has the best of the Halo story lines due to the character progression of the protagonist, Master Chief. Typically, in Halo games, Master Chief is more or less emotionless with few lines and even fewer personal connections. But, 343 industries has done an amazing job at establishing John, aka Master Chief, aka Spartan II 117, as an actual human with emotions. The idea of losing Cortana as a companion (and even an undertone of a romantic interest, really creates a good story arc for John's desperate desire to get rid of the Forerunner villain and get back to Dr. Halsey so that Cortana can be saved. The death of Cortana at the end of the game and the moment John and her share is probably the first time any Halo fan has ever cried during a Halo story.
  • Technology - The game, being a futuristic linear game, is very good at creating weapons that balance the futuristic feel and realistic function. The online portion adds a little bit of character customization, but for the most  part the technology is consistent to the feel of previous games, which is that alien tech is slightly primitive (energy swords and shields) with a futuristic feel to them due to the different branching technological evolution they took.
  • Art - Halo 4 has amazing cutscenes and graphics (especially compared to games of the same series, and it's nice to see such a leap forward by 343 industries. The cutscenes appear almost life-like, and the in-game graphics are seemingly flawless with great detail in both open spaces with grasses and fields, as well as small enclosed spaces with steel walls.The alien tech has a very curved geometry to it, giving a different aesthetic than the human sharp edges from othere weapons. 
  • Mechanics - As always, Halo is based on a type of rock, paper, scissors mechanic based on gunfire, grenades, and melee, but 343 also successfully melds armor powers into the mix without them being overpowered, so the game plays very smoothly online and offline.
2. Balance: Like stated in the mechanics above, the combat is based around the what-trumps-what combat system where everything has it's benefit and downfall.

3. Emergent Properties: Few flaws, and the online portion is continually patched for balance.

4. Interest Curves: Being a linear game with an emphasis on large battlefields  gives Halo 4 an interesting twist on the linear story genre. Though the story progresses in one way, the combat itself is interesting, since it gives character choice a lot of freedom to choose how to tackle objectives.

Enjoyment: Halo is my favorite franchise, and to see the 4th rendition become my favorite is encouraging for the future of the franchise. I love seeing my favorite badass become more human as well as a great new enemy thrown into the mix.

007 Quantum of Solace
1. The Tetrad

  • The Story - relies heavily on the player having experience with the movies, and then makes up side stories that don't fit the story. James Bond takes on various enemies with little, to no, character progression.
  • Technology - Technology is modern. Weapons, maps, etc. are all based on current technology of modern day.
  • Art - Modern art style with no kind of artistic flair or musical taste like the movies, at least, have. Nothing out of ordinary.
  • Mechanics - Basic first person future mechanics, albeit with a terrible stealth mechanic that employs a silencer to no effect since enemies always seem to notice you immediately. The shooting mechanics are solid, at least.
2. Balance - Balance is decent at normal setting. That being said, sometime you feel overpowered, other times it's the opposite. It flip flops.

Emergent Properties: Plenty of glitches, but none of them are gamebreaking, and the game brings nothing new.

4.Interest curves: The story is weak, and the only interest comes from the gameplay, with is decently solid for a shooter.

Enjoyment: I enjoyed the game, though it is clear that it is broken, but I was certainly not sad to trade it in. If you want a bond game, there are plenty better, but this is the best of the current-gen ones

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Team Homework 1

This week, our group met at Strozier library for about two hours to work on the video game. We mainly worked on created the video for the team homework 1. We also created some objects and building with unreal together..

Specific Contributions

  • Justin
    • Working on environments and pacing
    • Finding and completing various unreal tutorials
    • Working with blueprints, importing character models, and applying animations to those models
  • Cameron
    • Has begun developing a submarine hallway with various rooms
    • also helped with creating the Tetrad video. 
    • Cameron will continue to work with unreal and design the hallway
      • also continue to learn unreal's tools and complexities
  • Sebastian
    • He mainly put together the audio and video for the Tetrad video
    • Sebastian also is continuing to learn unreal
    • Began modeling in blender
  • Samuel (me)
    • developing rooms and lighting for hallway and rooms in submarine
    • Researched submarine types and architecture
    • also researched different survival horror video games for inspiration in our game

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This is an example of my own personal art. Bask in it's glory and beauty.